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A pump can come in handy when you need to increase water pressure around your house, but it can also be loud. Fortunately, a few soundproofing methods can reduce the effects of a noisy water pump. We have a variety of products that will help you dampen the noise. Browse our products or get in touch for soundproofing tips.

General Pump Soundproofing Products

General Pump Sound Absorption Products

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Industrial Pump Sound Absorption Products

Why Pumps Can be Noisy

Water pumps generate two types of noise — impact and airborne.

Impact noise is the sound of one object vibrating off another surface. Your water pump produces impact noise when it vibrates on the floor beneath or when the pipes it connects to vibrate along the walls.

Airborne noise is sound that moves through the air. Your water pump’s motor produces airborne noise during operation. The airborne noise will carry until it collides with a surface with enough weight and density to muddle it.

How to Soundproof a Pump

To soundproof a water pump, you’ll want to focus primarily on soundproofing and sound dampening. Soundproofing involves containing noise, whereas sound dampening attempts to reduce vibrations. Sound absorption is a third option that reduces echoes and reverberations in your pump’s room.

Trap Airborne Noise

Minimize the motor’s noise by creating a barrier that traps sound waves inside. You can soundproof a noisy water pump by building a box around it. Bolstering your water pump sound chamber with professional soundproofing products will produce the best results. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Construct a box that’s larger than the pump. The container should either be three-sided or feature a cutout for the pump on the bottom. Plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are excellent starting materials.

2. Before putting your box pieces together, line the interior surfaces with mass-loaded vinyl to fortify the sound barrier. Layering Quiet Barrier Soundproofing composite or fire-rated foam will add absorptive properties.

3. As you form your box, seal the sides with an acoustic sealant so noise can’t easily escape through any seams or cracks.

Minimize Pipe Vibrations

Hearing water pipes rattle off the wall can frustrate anyone. Your water pump may also vibrate off the ground. Here’s how you can reduce vibrations:

Purchase Materials to Soundproof Your Pump

Soundproof Cow is here to help you make your home a more peaceful place. Purchase our soundproofing materials online to prevent your water pump from interrupting your relaxation, or request a free acoustic analysis to see how our materials can treat your property for noise.




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