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How to Soundproof HVAC Systems

HV/AC Soundproofing

Soundproofing HV/AC systems can be the most challenging because they involve ductwork buried deep in a home's structure.

Not only does the HV/AC system create noise, it carries noise from one room to another. Its ductwork acts as a path sound travels along, creating a "highway" of noise traffic throughout your house.

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Recommended HV/AC Soundproofing Methods

One way to treat equipment noise is to reduce the sound at its source. Applying a vibration-damping product, like Vibra Block® Sound Deadening Material, to the interior or exterior surface of the unit will help reduce the noise vibrations the system creates. These vibrations will be stopped at the source and not be able to travel along the ductwork and throughout the house.

Vibra Block® is a premium, industrial grade sound deadening material. Constructed from a high performance vibration-dampening polymer, it offers excellent HV/AC soundproofing. With its peel-and-place backing, it's easy to install.

Vibra Block® can also be applied to the ductwork itself. Not only will it quiet the noise, it will reduce your energy costs because it offers thermal protection as well.

Another way to combat noise being transmitted to other areas of the house is to line the interior of the ductwork with a sound absorber, like Melamine foam. When choosing a product, be sure it's fire safe for heating units and does not release particles into the air stream.

We also recommend Quiet Wrap™ Pipe Soundproofing Wrap. This will significantly reduce noise emitted from waste water and drainage pipes. It's an industrial grade barrier/foam composite manufactured using a 1/2 lb, high density sound barrier membrane, laminated to ¼ inch acoustic grade polyurethane foam with a peel-and-place adhesive backing.

RoadblockR™ Dampening Material is also a great product to use for HV/AC soundproofing. It's a heavy duty aluminum faced butyl material backed with hard gripping adhesive.


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