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The Effects of Noise Pollution

August 11, 2017

A great deal of attention is paid to other types of pollution — especially air pollution — but the problems and dangers associated with noise pollution are often ignored. Noise pollution effects can be as devastating as other types of pollution, to humans and to animals as well.

To help you understand the issues surrounding noise pollution, here are some important noise pollution facts, as well as some ideas on how to reduce noise pollution in your environment.

What Is Noise Pollution?

While it would be difficult to go through life without hearing any sound at all, noise pollution is an excess of unwanted and intrusive sound. Intrusive sound is sound that interferes with daily functioning, such as sleeping, conversing or the ability to concentrate on work or leisure activities.

If you live among other people, especially in an urban environment, some unwanted sound is unavoidable, but if it’s rising to the level of consistent noise pollution, it’s important to take action.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Noise Pollution?

One person’s desirable sound is another person’s noise. Noise pollution becomes a problem when the noise made by certain individuals or groups invades into the daily lives of bystanders. This includes the sound of airplanes, construction work, honking vehicles, loud music and animal sounds.

How Are Noise Pollution Effects Detrimental?

Noise pollution can have a great many detrimental effects. Prolonged exposure to loud noise can result in hearing loss or other hearing-related problems. It can also result in sleep loss, concentration disruption and elevated stress, which can create a whole host of health problems. Noise pollution can also cause headaches and irritability, which may interfere with your social relationships.

Noise pollution can also be quite harmful to wildlife and the environment. For example: whales, who use sound to communicate and to find food, have had their survival jeopardized by submarines, whose SONAR not only interferes with their use of sound to survive, but may also actually physically injure or even kill them.

What Are Some Ways to Reduce Noise Pollution?

You can find a lot of ideas about how to reduce noise pollution at Soundproof Cow. Soundproof Cow offers sound-absorbing acoustic panels, baffles, insulating material and more. These products protect you from noise pollution by absorbing extraneous sound, making it easier for you to think, hear and communicate in your home or office, even if there’s a lot of loud noise happening outside.

While we’re a long way from completely eliminating noise pollution from the globe, we can definitely do something about the noise pollution in your little corner of it.

Putting up soundproofing insulation or installing acoustic panels is easy and can make a huge difference in your life. You may not even realize how much noise pollution is affecting you until you take action. If you find yourself showing up late to work, feeling stressed or tired all the time or not being effective in your home environment, the solution may be as simple as adding the right soundproofing products to absorb and deaden unwanted noise coming into your home.

To find out more about noise-related issues, soundproofing solutions and how Soundproof Cow can help you reduce noise pollution in your home, office, place of business or just about any other place where you spend a significant amount of time, visit Soundproof Cow online today.