Library Soundproofing

Your library is an important part of the community. Parents share the joy of reading with their children, neighbors socialize and discuss the latest read in their book club, and students work hard at achieving their goals.

Libraries need to have quiet places of concentration and reflection. They also need to offer areas of communication and fellowship.

However, without proper library soundproofing, the mission of the library isn’t achieved. Voices travel from chatting groups into private study areas. Group discussion rooms with poor sound quality make effective communication difficult.

Libraries come to Soundproof Cow to improve their acoustics and meet the needs of their community. Often, once library soundproofing is installed and the public experiences the benefits, membership and donations increase. In the end, by improving the function of the library with library soundproofing, they strengthen their role in the community.

Your library is a setting for hushed study, browsing book collections, exploring new worlds through reading, conducting research on the internet and engaging with words, whether that’s through writing a paper, organizing information, learning about new topics or discovering storylines for pleasure. You want visitors and users to have the best experience possible, and part of that is the peace of mind to disappear within words.

A rowdy environment or intrusive noises from outside provide just the opposite, however. Purchasing materials for library sound absorption can help create an atmosphere that encourages quiet learning. Here’s how soundproofing your library can benefit you:

  • Decrease distractions. Undergraduates, thesis students and high schoolers use libraries to get the quiet they need to concentrate on researching and writing papers away from the noise and distractions of roommates, family members and crowded places or home settings. Book-lovers like to settle into a cozy chair by the window and escape reality by delving into a good book. Unnecessary noise from streets outside or voices in other areas can take away from the enjoyment and concentration library lovers depend on. Library soundproofing prevents this annoyance by keeping noise contained where it should be so your students and readers aren’t disturbed.
  • Create different types of spaces. In addition to its book and periodical offerings, your library can play a number of roles and serve various needs of the myriad people who visit it. While some come to read, others come to study, write papers, research online, hold book clubs, gather study groups or attend events such as readings, signings or seminars.


Supporting all your members means creating separate spaces to allow every type of activity they might come for. You may want a quiet reading area, a computer room, a study zone, a kids corner and a couple of spaces for speakers or group meetings. To make sure each of these activities stays in its own space without creating noises to disturb the others, soundproof each room or wall. The sound absorption will create the separation needed to support the various uses of your library.

  • Encourage more visitors and attract donors. With happy readers, writers, families and event attendees, your library will have a positive reputation for being a multipurpose space in which individuals can enjoy the privacy and quiet they need to conduct their activities. In this way, library soundproofing contributes to success and better chances of donations because everyone can better appreciate and enjoy the space.

Ready to guard your library against outside and crossover sound, making sure visitors have the best experience possible? Trust Soundproof Cow for your library soundproofing. With top-quality panels, pads, systems and insulation for soundproofing for a library, we make sure every space is equipped to meet clients’ specific needs. Browse our products or request an acoustic analysis today.

Library Soundproofing Products

  • isotrax detail 400 BUY NOW

    isoTRAX™ Soundproofing System

    The isoTRAX™ Soundproofing System works by combining several different soundproofing strategies into one easy to use package. Designed to be installed inside of a wall or

  • soundproofing quiet barrier md BUY NOW

    Quiet Barrier­™ MD Soundproofing Material (Roll)

    Quiet Barrier™ MD soundproofing material (1/8 in. 1 lb./sqft.) is a high density, non porous material that exhibits a non-resonant quality due to its flexible nature, and


Library Sound Absorption Products

  • acoustic panel s BUY NOW

    Standard Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

    These Standard Acoustic Panels are an excellent general purpose acoustic product. We’ve taken our most popular acoustic panel, the Udderly Quiet™ 200 series, and created a

  • adapt panel BUY NOW

    ADAPT Acoustical Treatments

    Artistically unique and acoustically practical, ADAPT™ Acoustical Treatments answer the call for projects that demand fashion and function. ADAPT™ art acoustic panels give you the ability


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