Restaurant Soundproofing

Restaurant Soundproofing
Sound quality...Does Your Restaurant Make the Grade?

  • Guest: “These warehouse-style ceilings look trendy but they sure don't do anything for the noise!”
  • Guest: “I have to shout for someone to hear me across the table.”
  • Guest: “This is the worst table. I can hear banging and loud conversations from the kitchen!”
  • Employee: “During the dinner rush I have to cup my ear to hear my tables' orders.”
  • Employee: “Even after I leave work, there's still a ringing in my ear.” need a restaurant soundproofing!

Time and time again, we receive calls from restaurant owners referencing complaints like these. It's only after they install our restaurant soundproofing materials do they realize the real impact poor sound quality had on their business.

Poor Sound Quality Means Poor Business

Did you know noise is the second most common complaint made by restaurant goers?* Right after service, sound quality is what your customers use to determine if they'll be back or will recommend you to their friends.
* survey, The Audiology Awareness Campaign

You've invested in a great menu, friendly servers, and a beautiful décor. All of it will be wasted if patrons avoid your business because your restaurant is too noisy to enjoy.

How Loud is It, Really?

Noise levels in restaurants without proper restaurant soundproofing materials averaged between that of city traffic (85 decibels) and power saws (109 decibels). Definitely not appetizing.

During the dinner rush, it can be even worse. Some restaurants, particularly those with bars, registered sound levels as high as 10 decibels over the human tolerance level.

Noise levels become a problem when customers begin competing over each other to be heard. Your restaurant can no longer provide a private, intimate dining experience. And you lose business.

You can't blame the patrons. The physical layout of your restaurant and how sound travels through your space is to blame. The kitchen is an especially noisy place, and tables sitting near the kitchen or food-serving lanes can be the worst for your guests.

What Proper Restaurant Soundproofing Can Do for Your Business

Controlling the sound in your restaurant will:

  • Preserve your restaurant's ambiance, which will attract restaurant-goers
  • Give patrons the best experience possible, encouraging them to return
  • Reduce ordering errors so your customers leave happy
  • Promote health and safety of the workplace, making it easier to retain talented employees
  • Promote health and safety of the workplace, making it easier to retain talented employees

Noise issues can be the make-you-or-break-you of your restaurant.

Several cities have begun rating restaurants not just on food and service quality, but the noise volume as well. Good sound quality is essential to a healthy restaurant business.

Restaurant Soundproofing and Sound Absorption: What's the Difference?

Restaurant Sound Absorption Products soak up sound. They absorb sound waves and prevent them from bouncing back off the walls.

Most restaurants have echo problems. Sound bounces off walls, ceilings and floors. This makes unwanted background noise and muffles voices. Sound absorption products help to make individual voices clear. By reducing the sound that is echoed off the walls, there is less background noise. And diners are able to hear the other people at their table.

Restaurant Soundproofing Products trap the sound. They contain the sound in one location, making it impossible for the sound to move from one space to another.

Kitchens need restaurant soundproofing materials to stop their noise from entering the dining room. Bars need restaurant soundproofing materials to trap the noise and not let it enter other areas of the restaurant. Overall, restaurant soundproofing materials keep the noise contained in the space it should be.

Often, restaurant soundproofing problems need both types of products. Especially if your business is in a residential part of town or you host live bands and large crowds. The soundproofing materials keep the sound inside the space you want. And the sound absorption products on the interior walls improve sound quality and performance.

Restaurant Soundproofing Products

Soundproofing Barrier
Quiet Barrier
Soundproofing Barrier
Soundproofing Insulation
Quiet Batt
Soundproofing Insulation
Sound Isolation
Sound Isolation

Restaurant Sound Absorption Products

Art Acoustic Panel Adapt Luscious
Acoustical Treatments
Art Acoustic Panel Waiting Room
Acoustic Panels
Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels
Fabric Wrapped
Acoustic Panels
Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Foam
Fabric Wrapped
Acoustic Foam

Fire Rated Studio Foam
Fire Rated
Studio Foam
Soft Sound Baffles
Hanging Baffles
Water Resistant Acoustic Panels
Water Resistant
Acoustic Panels
Soundproofing Acoustic Partition
Soft Sound
Acoustic Partitions
Soundproofing Not Sure
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