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Soundproof a Room

At Soundproof Cow we want your rooms to work effectively for you so that you can work effectively in your rooms. That said, whether your problem is noise clutter that makes your room impossible to communicate in, peace-crushing sound that seeps in through thin walls, or horrible acoustics that make your recording studio sound more like a not-fun-funhouse – we have a solution.

The first step in learning how to soundproof a room is understanding that there are several types of room soundproofing solutions that all absorb, deflect or alter sound differently. Which one you choose depends completely on the sound issue you are experiencing in your room. Do you need sound absorption materials, soundproofing materials, or sound isolation materials? How do you know which kind of acoustic foam to use? Are there cheap soundproofing options that deliver superior quality results?

To help you get pointed in the right direction with your room soundproofing project we’ve put together several Soundproofing 101 guides that use plain English to explain how different products handle sound and which materials are the right fit, at the right price, for specific types of projects.

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Soundproof Any Area of a Room

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How to Soundproof a Room

So — how many pairs of earplugs are you going to buy before you read our guides on soundproofing a room? Seriously, we’ve heard from hundreds of clients who thought the only way to soundproof a room without breaking their bank account was to nail egg cartons, carpet remnants or Styrofoam to their walls.  We strive to offer high quality effective solutions that won’t break the bank.

Before you actually start soundproofing a room, however, you need to determine whether you want to deflect sound waves, absorb sound waves or clarify sounds within the room (reduce echo or flutter, for example). Once you decide that, you can start researching your options by using the search function on Soundproof Cow’s website or talking to a friendly, knowledgeable person (1-866-949-9269) who would love to help you soundproof a room.

What Should I Know About Soundproofing a Room?

Soundproof Cow has everything you’ll need to address noise clutter and intrusion, from Quiet Door™ Perimeter Seals and Automatic Door Sweeps to Quiet Batt™ 30 soundproofing insulation, sound isolation systems and versatile sound proofing barriers.

If it’s a recording studio you’re wanting to soundproof, we’ve got you covered for that, too. Udderly Quiet™ Bass Wedge Studio Foam, Pyramid Studio Foam, Studio Foam baffles, and Fire-rated studio foam transform any ordinary recording studio into a professional, state-of-the-art studio capable of producing spectacularly clear, crisp recordings.

Call 1-866-949-9269 today to speak to a Soundproof Cow team member who will be thrilled to answer all your questions about how to soundproof a room — and that’s no bull.

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