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Pool Soundproofing

By design, pools are full of hard, reflective surfaces; their empty walls, hard floors, and high ceilings cause echoing. Sound bounces off these reflective surfaces and back into the space. Sound quality is poor.

Because water safety is most important, improving sound quality is essential. When the pool fills with pool-goers, sound levels increase, resulting in poor communication. This lack of communication can lead to accidents.

When multiple swim classes are held, pool soundproofing enables students to hear instructors’ voices. At swim meets, the shouting of fans can reach high decibel levels without pool soundproofing.

Hotels without proper pool soundproofing often receive complaints from guests about the noise. The sounds of the indoor pool can leak into other parts of the hotel, invading guestrooms. When a guest doesn’t find rest, they won’t return to your hotel. Your business suffers.

Sound absorption materials in a pool will significantly reduce echoing. They soak up the sound energy in the room and convert it to heat energy, resulting in less noise being bounced back to the room. Pool soundproofing requires special materials that only absorb noise, not the room’s moisture.

Pool Sound Absorption Products

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Soundproof Other Spaces

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