How to Reduce Sound in Apartments

Soundproof Apartment

Ever feel like your thin apartment walls tell you more about your neighbor than you’d like to know? You’re not alone, which is why you wouldn’t be the first tenant to soundproof your apartment. Reducing noise from your neighbors is a viable, cost-effective option, even if you’re renting! Find out how to reduce sound from your next door or upstairs neighbor with these seven udderly awesome tips:

1. Window Treatments

If your apartment building’s rules are strict for modifying your rental property, consider window treatments.  Window “plugs” can be assembled using Soundproofing Composites.   A window “plug” is able to be inserted into most widows and removed without causing damage or risking your security deposit.

2. Install Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are an effective tactic for creating a soundproof apartment. If your landlord allows you to place screws in your door, you’re well on your way to installing a door sweep. Our door sweeps aren’t your typical foam and vinyl seals. They’re heavy duty aluminum, which makes them more durable and reliable. Installing a Soundproof Cow door sweep is simple — just measure, place and screw.

3. Rugs and Soundproof Underlayment

Don’t have a cane to bang on the floor at your noisy downstairs neighbor? Buy a carpet runner instead, and you’ll save yourself the extra effort.  Soundproofing Underlayment is typically installed under the flooring.  However, Large area rugs can cover underlayment and help block noise coming through your floor.

4. Mount Acoustic Panels

What’s great about acoustic panels is that they’re stylish, yet functional. Not only are you blocking noise from your next-door neighbor, but you’re also adding some décor to your apartment. With our selection of fabric-wrapped art and perforated wood acoustic panels, you’re bound to find one that meets your design needs. A fabric panel is also perfect for pinning your daily calendar, and it’s easy to install with various mounting options.

5. Get a White Noise Machine

If you’re wondering what white noise is, don’t worry — you’re not the first, nor the last, to ask. Do you listen to music to fall asleep? That’s white noise — sounds that are calm and consistent. That’s why they help you sleep and even relieve some stress.

In situations with noisy neighbors, white noise helps by focusing your attention on those sounds, rather than your neighbor. Set up your iPod and play soothing music or turn on a fan to create your own natural white noise.

6. Set Up a Bookcase

Bookcases not only store your mini-library in a convenient area but also serve as a resource for reducing noise in your apartment. Place them against your wall next to one of your acoustic panels and you’ll likely notice an overall difference in your noise levels.  They are also a great way to cover sound barriers without major construction to your wall.

If you need help with creating a soundproofed apartment, our herd at Soundproof Cow is ready to help. Take our Soundproofing Questionnaire, and we can help you narrow down which materials would reduce your apartment’s noise levels.

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