Dog Kennel & Daycare Soundproofing

Dog Kennel Soundproofing
Dog Kennel Soundproofing...Why You Need It

Let's face it...there's no way to stop the noise of barking dogs. The only way to fix dog kennel noise issues is by installing proper dog kennel soundproofing.

Dog Kennels, with their concrete floors and cinderblock walls, are perfect for creating unwanted echoes and amplifying noise. Because the surfaces are hard, sound waves bounce off them and back into the space. However, hard surfaces are easy-to-clean, which is important in your business.

Dog owners want to make sure their dog is happy. If they visit your kennel and hear the piercing sound of barking dogs, they won't want to use your kennel. Your business suffers.

Another common problem of dog kennels is complaints from neighbors. Barking dogs can disturb nearby homes and businesses.

Many dog kennel owners come to Soundproof Cow to fix their noise problems. Most don't realize how large of a problem the barking was until after they install dog kennel soundproofing products.

What Dog Kennel Soundproofing Can Do for You

Dog Kennel Soundproofing products:

  • Keep the noise of barking dogs within your building so you don't get complaints from neighbors
  • Reduce the noise of barking dogs within your owners will be more likely to leave their dog in your care and your business will improve
  • Provide a safe working environment for your employees by reducing the noise volume

Dog Kennel Soundproofing Products

Soundproofing Barriers
Quiet Barrier
Soundproofing Barrier
Soundproofing Insulation
Quiet Batt
Soundproofing Insulation
Sound Isolation
Sound Isolation
Soundproofing Composite
Quiet Barrier

Quiet Barrier Specialty Composite
Quiet Barrier
Specialty Composite

Dog Kennel Sound Absorption Products

Art Acoustic Panel Adapt Luscious
Acoustical Treatments
Art Acoustic Panel Waiting Room
Acoustic Panels
Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels
Fabric Wrapped
Acoustic Panels
Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Foam
Fabric Wrapped
Acoustic Foam

Acoustic Foam Panels
Acoustic Foam
Soft Sound Baffles
Hanging Baffles
Water Resistant Acoustic Panels
Water Resistant
Acoustic Panels

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