Cafeteria Soundproofing

Cafeteria Soundproofing
Loud voices, clanking trays, echo...we have a solution

The cafeteria is a gathering place for students and employees. Unfortunately, most cafeterias lack the proper cafeteria soundproofing products needed to keep their space enjoyable.

With the large, open layout, tiled floor and hard, reflective surfaces, sound bounces around the room. This causes unwanted background noise. Your patrons will raise their voice to be heard over the noise. As crowds increase, so does the volume level.

How Loud is It, Really?

Noise levels in cafeterias without proper cafeteria soundproofing materials averaged between that of city traffic (85 decibels) and power saws (109 decibels). Definitely not appetizing.

During the rush times, it can be even worse. Some cafeterias registered sound levels as high as 10 decibels over the human tolerance level.

Noise levels become a problem when patrons begin competing over each other to be heard. Your cafeteria can become a dangerous place for frequent customers and cafeteria employees.

What Cafeteria Soundproofing Can Do for You

Cafeteria products:

  • Absorb sound so it doesn't bounce off the walls and back into the space, reducing noise levels; patrons no longer have to shout to be heard
  • Keep the noise of the cafeteria within the space so you don't have to worry about complaints from other buildings or rooms. And keep the noise in the kitchen from leaking into the cafeteria.
  • Provide a healthy environment for patrons and cafeteria'll feel good knowing the noise level isn't dangerous

Cafeteria Soundproofing Products

Soundproofing Barriers
Quiet Barrier
Soundproofing Barrier
Soundproofing Insulation
Quiet Batt
Soundproofing Insulation
Sound Isolation
Sound Isolation

Cafeteria Sound Absorption Products

Art Acoustic Panel Adapt Luscious
Acoustical Treatments
Art Acoustic Panel Waiting Room
Acoustic Panels
Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels
Fabric Wrapped
Acoustic Panels
Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Foam
Fabric Wrapped
Acoustic Foam

Anechoic Studio Foam Family
Studio Foam
Acoustic Panel Family
Echo Absorber
Acoustic Cotton
Acoustic Panel Natural
Echo Absorber Natural
Acoustic Cotton
Soft Sound Baffles
Hanging Baffles

Water Resistant Acoustic Panels
Water Resistant
Acoustic Panels
Soundproofing Acoustic Partition
Soft Sound
Acoustic Partitions

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