Sound Control In Offices

office sound control


Sound control in an office is more important than ever. There was a time when office soundproofing was not as much of a concern — when executives were locked in individual offices doing their work while the only sound in the outer office was the secretaries clicking away at their typewriters.

Today’s office environments are quite a bit different than those of the past. The responsibilities of different employees are often in flux, as are their needs. Some workers may need to communicate with other team members frequently, while others may need total silence and focus to do individual work. In many cases, the same person has both needs at different times depending upon the situation.

While today’s office workers spend roughly half or more of their time doing office work, offices are more collaborative than ever, with workers frequently breaking into small teams for concentrated discussions. While these discussions are important, without sound management in an office, they can be distracting to workers trying to focus on their individual projects.

In addition, many of today’s offices follow an open or semi-open floor plan, meaning everyone can hear everyone else’s phone calls, and rowdier departments may disrupt departments that have more of a need for quiet and concentration.

Soundproofing an office can provide the answer. Office soundproofing can improve worker focus and satisfaction, leading to increased productivity. But what is the best way to soundproof a modern office in today’s environment?

How to Soundproof an Office for Maximum Efficiency

When soundproofing an office, it’s important to think about office sound control methods that will be relatively unobtrusive to your workers. If office soundproofing efforts cause a distraction or interfere with communication among workers on a daily basis, it defeats the purpose. On the other hand, if you can develop office sound control techniques that are functional and cost-effective without interfering, your office can benefit tremendously.

One great way to manage soundproofing in an office is through the use of acoustic panels. Acoustic panels are specially cut panels made of sound-deadening and sound absorption materials that contain sound within a defined area, so people in communication can easily hear each other without disturbing anyone else.

These office soundproofing panels can go directly onto the partitions you’re already using to break up different parts of your open office plan, or they can go on walls or ceilings where you need to contain the sound in a space.

Art Acoustic Panels for Your Office From Soundproof Cow

Soundproof Cow offers art acoustic panels made of the highest-quality sound-absorbing and sound deadening materials, while also beautifying your space. These panels feature your choice of a variety of artistic designs to match the décor of your office. These are art panels you might install to beautify a drab office to begin with, but these have the added benefit of controlling the sound in your office so that your workers can communicate, concentrate and work better.

Soundproof Cow has a variety of great solutions for your office soundproofing or other soundproofing needs, whether you have a large office or small, an open floor plan or a more traditional office environment. To find out more about all the soundproofing options Soundproof Cow can offer you for your office, restaurant, home or other loud environment, contact us today!

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