Office Soundproofing

“I can’t hear my customers on the phone over the conversations of my colleagues.”

“Our conference room is not private enough. This is where we discuss private business deals and personal information.”

“I’m stressed because I can’t concentrate hard enough to get my work done. I try but I’m so easily distracted by everyone around me.”

If these sound familiar, you need Office Soundproofing.

As you know, employee productivity is decreased by noise distraction, and it affects your bottom line. However, you may not realize how much of an affect it has. Often, improving acoustics with office soundproofing pays for itself by the increase in your company’s productivity.

Companies come to us because they need a quieter work environment for their employees. Many of our customers need to reduce the noise created in the open floor plans and cubicles now popular in offices today.

While these floor plans may encourage interaction between colleagues and save space and money, they cause office soundproofing problems. And these problems cost you money.

• Decrease distractions, which ultimately increases concentration and quality work

• Make conversations clear, resulting in better communication between employees

• Provide a better working environment so your company keeps good employees

• Keep areas private, ensuring your business’ confidential information is not at risk

Here’s an easy 2-step process to determine which you need:

Step 1: Identify WHAT noise you hear.

Is it someone’s voice? It is noisy office equipment? Is it the traffic outside your window? There are typically many noise distractions in an office setting, so be sure to prioritize your list.

Step 2: Identify WHERE the noise is coming from.

Is the noise coming from inside the same space as you, or is it coming from a separate room? For instance, is it the voice of someone on the phone in the office across the hall? Is it the sound of the copier sitting next to you? If there’s a construction element, such as a wall, that separates you from the noise, then it’s not in the same space as you.

Most of the companies that come to us with sound problems need both office soundproofing and sound absorption materials.

Office Soundproofing Products

  • isotrax detail 400 BUY NOW

    isoTRAX™ Soundproofing System

    The isoTRAX™ Soundproofing System works by combining several different soundproofing strategies into one easy to use package. Designed to be installed inside of a wall or

  • Quiet Batt Stacked to Show Thickness BUY NOW

    Quiet Batt™ 30 Soundproofing Insulation

    Quiet Batt™ 30 is a 3 in. premium, high-performance soundproofing and thermal insulation product designed for use in both interior and exterior walls, ceilings and attic

  • Soundporoofing_Quiet_Barrier_HD_175 BUY NOW

    Quiet Barrier­™ HD Soundproofing Material (Roll)

    Quiet Barrier™ HD soundproofing material (1/4 in. 2 lb./sqft.) 20ft. roll is a high density, non porous material that exhibits a non-resonant quality due to its


Office Sound Absorption Products

  • soundproofing acoustic partition BUY NOW

    Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Partition

    Udderly Quiet™ Acoustic Partitions are a high quality acoustic product that absorbs background noise. They are custom designed to your specifications so you have total flexibility

  • adapt panel BUY NOW

    ADAPT Acoustical Treatments

    Artistically unique and acoustically practical, ADAPT™ Acoustical Treatments answer the call for projects that demand fashion and function. ADAPT™ art acoustic panels give you the ability


Soundproofing Office Solutions

It may be cost-effective and trendy to use a large open office floorplan, but when business is booming how to we keep conversations separate and employees as comfortable as possible?  Easy: with soundproof desk dividers!

When you need to partition out office space, portable sound proof desk dividers will give you the noise cancellation properties you need to improve communication within each partitioned area. In addition, this kind of affordable noise cancellation solution for offices is not only functional, but stylish as well.  Acoustic desk dividers are available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns that can be designed to match your interior design needs.

Noise-absorbing fiberglass is the key to making office soundproofing materials so effective at controlling echo and unwanted noise. Soundproofing cubicles allow everyone to enjoy private conversations, minimal distraction from other groups and the feeling that they actually have the office to themselves. Easy to set up and created to optimize all floor area sizes, our acoustic desk dividers are shipped to you assembled so all you need to do is arrange them.

How to Soundproof an Office: Start by Forgetting About Hiring Expensive Remodeling Contractors

What’s the next-best alternative to a high dollar project like a full remodel or a new office building? Purchasing affordable office sound reduction panels, of course! If your company is growing and you need extra working areas, soundproof desk dividers will give you private, hushed spaces.  Treat additional desks, noisy equipment and even mini-conference rooms by arranging partitions in a way that gives you the privacy and solace you need.  You’ve got a low-cost, instant solution to your office noise and space issues.

Quiet the Echo … Echo … Echo With Hanging Acoustic Panels

Designed to suppress reverberation in echo-prone spaces, Soundproof Cow’s Udderly Quiet™ hanging acoustic baffles minimize echoes to enhance everyone’s ability to understand speech, while simultaneously eliminating annoying noise clutter. An effective alternative to acoustic office dividers, hanging panels make great soundproofing office solutions that address aesthetic needs by offering a variety of thicknesses, sizes, colors and materials.

Suspending acoustic baffles in perpendicular orientation to ceilings not only creates a stunningly impressive visual impact, but also contributes to improving the acoustical properties of any space. When suspended vertically, hanging acoustic baffles offer noise absorption to clarify speech and reduce sound clutter achieving high, middle and low frequencies.

First-rate acoustic baffles for office noise reduction offer the following advantages:

  • Made of flame-retardant, materials
  • Lightweight and simple to hang (just use S-hooks or chains)
  • Resilient and impact-resistant
  • High-performance NCR (noise reduction coefficient
  • Most options are Environmentally friendly

We hope we’ve answered the question that’s kept you awake one too many nights: “how do I go about reducing noise in my office?” If we haven’t (or even if we have), call us at Soundproof Cow today, your source for all things quiet, at 1-866-949-9269.

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